My LG Washer doesn't clean well enough to remove sour or musty smell that towels sometimes develop

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My LG WM2101HW doesn't have a setting that succeeds in removing the sour or musty smell that sometimes develops in towels or clothes that sit to long while wet. This washer doesn't have steam or extra water heating, but my previous LG washer, which did on fine job on these smells with its sanitary setting, didn't have steam or heating either. The new washer doesn't have a sanitary cycle setting, and even when I set water temp to the highest for any of the available cycle settings, it still uses a mixture of cold and hot water. To get rid of those smells, it really needs to use very hot water, and my water heater is set to very hot. I just can't stop the washer from mixing in cold water. If I turn of the cold water at the input, the washer software shows and error and crashes badly.

Does anyone know if its possible to use ThinQ to download a cycle that would use just hot water for washing? I'd like to get a cycle that was like the Sanitary on my old washer. Is that possible?


  • **Correction. ** My previous LG washer that had a Sanitary cycle and worked well removing sour or musty odors was an LG WM2101HW. That one definitely didn't have steam and I'm pretty sure it had no water heating capability.

    When the drive on that washer failed in late 2019, we replaced it with an LG WM3500CW. It doesn't have a Sanitary cycle. I haven't been able to get it wash well enough to remove sour or musty smells from towels or clothes that have sat wet for too long.

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