Serial number location? (LTE4815)

Does anybody have any idea where the serial number is on the LTE4815 dual oven slide-in range?

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    Stop looking everybody, I found it! Unlike every other major appliance, LG's dual oven slide-in range has the model and serial number stuck on an easily removable metal plate, poorly attached by one screw, on the middle of the back of the range. To view it, the range needs to be pulled out from the wall - not an easy feat for older or disabled customers. What's worse, LG's contracted service repair people won't even schedule a technician to come out unless you give them a serial number! So unless you wrote this serial number down before range was installed, you are stuck between a brick and a hard place. Please LG, get consistent and put the serial number where it can be easily read on the front and attach it so it can't fall off. Better yet, also include it in the digital WiFi product ID - easy fix.

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