Game Optimizer mode dis-engages with Bluetooth headset

edited March 2022 in OLED TVs

New LG C1 55" on latest firmware 3.25.25. While playing either PS5 or Xbox Series X (both on latest firmwares, also) in Game Optimizer picture mode (for lowest input lag), whenever I connect my Bluetooth headset with the TV, the TV displays a message "A Bluetooth speaker has been connected and picture mode will change to Standard now."

How can this amazing TV not handle low-latency game mode and Bluetooth audio at the same time?

Also, I noticed I can't use Bluetooth headphones along with a ButtKicker Gamer2 haptic feedback transducer plugged into [the C1's] optical audio port, either. I either have to choose ButtKicker + TV speaker audio, or headphones without ButtKicker haptic feedback ...

Are there fixes for either of these issues? Is LG aware that these are issues? These were not issues on previous TV's (Samsung Q900R, Samsung QN90A, or Sony X95J) ...

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