How to block "<xxx> requests screen sharing to your TV" dialogs appearing on your TV.


Has anyone else experienced someone from "outside" trying to request screen sharing?

A dialog popped up on my LG OLEDTV recently:

" requests screen sharing to your TV
Do you want to accept this request?"

Now this was someone from outside trying to connect to my TV (from an Android phone, as it happens), and apparently, there is no way whatsoever to block this from happening. They don't even need to be connected to my WIFI to make dialogs appear on my TV.

I asked LG about it, and all they could offer was:

The only way to stop this from happening will be from not accepting the request and to try and find who is connecting and asking them to stop.

Am I the only one who thinks this is completely unacceptable? There should be a way to block people from outside my household from intruding themselves on my TV. It should be possible to block screen sharing completely, but it seems not.

On a completely different topic, I've never seen so many adverts taking up so much screen space on any other web site. If I didn't have a good enough reason to use an Ad Blocker before, I do now! Advertising on the Internet is completely out of control.



  • This has happened to me now 3 times now in 2 months.
    Am I the only person who has had this happen?
    It is very annoying! Just watching the TV and suddenly this "unsolicited" dialog pops up, presumably from someone walking by outside. I do not believe it's a neighbour, as it's a different device each time.
    There needs to be a way to turn this "feature" off.


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